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In a time when communication is largely done over mobile phones, you cannot afford to live without one anymore. Unfortunately, it's not always easy or convenient to nab a phone contract if you have a less than perfect credit rating.
Because of previous history of defaults, ccjs or arrears, majority if not all service providers in the UK will refuse your application. If you can't find a cheap and affordable deal and you've been turned down already by several providers, this is where Get It or Not Phones comes in.

What We Do

Get It or Not Phones specializes in providing a platform for customers all over UK to apply and get a phone contract despite bad credit history. You don't have to run to major providers only to be left disappointed and empty handed. With us, you will not only enjoy the convenience of applying online but you also take advantage of our 100% free service.
There's also no need to fall prey to the promise of no credit check phones or guaranteed mobile options. While we do not make any guarantees, we are your best option as what our previous customers will tell you. To ensure that we always find you the best and most suitable deal for you situation, we partner with key providers in the market including Money Super Market.

Why Choose Us

As a bad credit mobile phone website that has helped customers upon customers in the UK, there is no other best option than us if you're hoping to grab the best phone contracts available in the market today. Despite existing competitors, including 360 Phone, we remain to be your best option because we offer just the right combination of convenience, value and excellent customer service.
When you sign up with Get It or Not Phones, you can always expect instant online results. We will then assess your application and find you suitable options based on your financial situation and capabilities. In a day or two, you can receive your phone provided that you meet the requirements.
As a trusted name in the industry, we pride ourselves with our high acceptance rates. Again, we do not promise any guarantees but know that we always do our best to help each and everyone. Even if you think that your credit rating is simply the worst there is, we'd still invite you to apply. Just leave the job of finding you a good deal to us.

Why Bad Credit Phones

If you're wondering why you should opt for a bad credit phone then below are some advantages to think about.
Bad credit phones are more popular more than ever because it caters to practically everyone in need of a phone contract as soon as possible. All credit types are welcome to apply and enjoy our 100% free service. You also get to compare the latest mobile phone offers available in the market today, choose your best bet based on your financial capabilities and get approved within hours.
With Get It or Not Phones helping you out, you don't have to go through thousands of deals to find the best one either. We'll do the searching and scouting then give you a collection of the most suitable deals thereby making the process even more convenient than it already is.

How to Apply

If you're ready to apply for a phone contract through Get It or Not Phones, simply fill out our online application for. Or you may also want to start comparing deals at just to get a better idea of what's available in the market. It will take a minute or even less. Remember that our service is 100% free and no obligation at all so you have nothing to worry about paying any type of fees. Once the form is filled out, hit submit and we'll instantly give you a collection of phone contract offers that are suitable for your needs. You can proceed by choosing a network and a phone. In a matter of 24 hours or usually less, we'll let you know of your approval status. Once approved, wait for your phone to be delivered right outside your doorstep.